* History of Madhapar *

The indigenous indians moved from Rajasthan to the kutch district around the 7th century. Around this time, many khatriyas settled in different parts of Kutch and started earning their livelihoods.

In the 12th century, many people moved into a village named Dhaneti in between Anjar and Bhuj. From here, many small villages were formed including Kukma, Reha, Ratnal and Madhapar.

Madhapar was named after Madha Kanji Solanki who had shifted from the Dhaneti village to Madhapar in the year 1473 -1474. This early Madhapar today is known as Juna Vaas (Old Residence).

The first community moved into the village around 1576 and has grown ever since. The Village was not harshly affected by the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake that had caused severe damage in the region.

Much of the architectural design and construction of the housing in Madhapar is unique in comparison to many houses constructed in India and Gujarat. Construct and design the layout of the newly developed housings in Madhapar, in which the construction of these newly developed housing soon spread through the entire village and through many other villages in Kutch and Gujarat.